Samstag, 31 August 2013 21:01

Candy Shop Event

Saturday 31st August: Violin Live Act at Candy Shop Event Munich Pictures
Mittwoch, 14 August 2013 22:58

Papis Lovenight at Jack Rabbit

Wednesday 14th August: Violin Special at the awesome Munich Party Highlight Papis Lovenight at Jack Rabbit Pictures
Mittwoch, 14 August 2013 20:54

10 Years Clubstars

Wednesday August 14th: Violin Live Performance at 10 Years Clubstars. Mega Event with 7 Areas at Neuraum Munich Pictures Quelle:  
Samstag, 10 August 2013 20:50

Michael Ammer Modelnacht

Performance as Beatrix Sanchez with DJ Alec Mugatu at Michael Ammer Modelnacht pcfritz tour at Cen Club Karlsruhe
Freitag, 09 August 2013 20:39

Ivory Cologne

Friday 9th August: Violin Live Performance at Ivory Cologne...Pictures
Montag, 05 August 2013 20:42

pcfritz Michael Ammer Germanytour

  Beatrix Sanchez and Alec Mugatu DJ Live Project more Tourdates for the pcfritz Michael Ammer Germanytour
Samstag, 27 Juli 2013 00:00

Candy Shop Party Munich.

Violin Special Act at Candy Shop Party Munich.
Samstag, 27 Juli 2013 00:00

Clubstars Sommerfest 8Seasons Munich

Violin Live Performance at Clubstars Sommerfest 8Seasons Munich
Freitag, 26 Juli 2013 00:00

Music Cafe Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Violin Live Performance Music Cafe Garmisch-Partenkirchen  Pictures
Samstag, 20 Juli 2013 00:00

Crystal Club Arabian nights

Crystal Club Arabian nights sommerfest. Violin Live Performance Rosenheim Germany together with Ibiza DJ Mike Cees and Andre Garcias Pictures
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